When a pet becomes ill, injured, or is experiencing an emergency, one the most difficult things for their owners is not knowing what is wrong. Diagnostic services can be very useful tools in assisting the veterinarian to diagnose your pet’s condition and develop a plan of action. Lake Country Animal Hospital provides both on and off-site diagnostic services to assist our patients.

On-site, we have a full digital radiology suite designed to meet the various needs of our patients. Our highly trained veterinary technicians use the positioning equipment to accurately take the radiographs requested by the veterinarian. Cardiovascular and respiratory systems can also be assessed in our clinic, using the Cardell monitor, which measures and monitors blood pressure, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels and can take an EKG. In the laboratory section of the clinic our staff performs:

  • Blood Panels
  • Blood Glucose Testing
  • Cytology
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal Testing
  • Simple Blood Tests (PCV and TP)

For more complex laboratory tests, such as special blood panels, histopathology, serology and virology, samples are submitted to an off-site laboratory. This lab not only completes the submitted tests, but also allows the veterinarians to consult and discuss the test results with a member of their diverse consultation team to reach the most accurate, timely diagnosis and develop an appropriate course of treatment, if necessary.