• Oct 02 2014

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    Lake Country Animal Hospital Presents: Farley Fair Fundrasier

    We are excited to announce our Annual event for The Farley Foundation!!! This year we are having a BBQ, Bake Sale  and hosting a Pet Expo! We will have different…

  • Aug 27 2014

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    Sneezy, Breezy & Beautiful!

    The summer is generally a very happy time for your pets–they get to play outside, go for long walks and bask in the sun. It can also be a very…

  • Aug 20 2014

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    If You Can’t Take The Heat–Spay Your Pet!

    Many pet owners know a few main things about spay surgeries–they are costly, common, and highly recommended. Do you really know what a spay surgery involves, though? Why is it…

  • Jul 30 2014

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    Mangy Mutts and How They Got That Way

    What is sarcoptic mange? Sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious, (not to mention ITCHY), disease caused by tiny microscopic mites called sarcoptes scabei. These practically invisible critters are not so…

  • Jul 23 2014

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    Lub, Dub, and Something Else

    What is a heart murmur? ‘Heart murmur’ is the term used to describe any of the many abnormal sounds your veterinarian can hear when using a stethoscope on your pet….

  • Jul 09 2014

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    Soak Up The Sun! (But Not Too Much of It)

    Did you know that your pets can get sunburns just as easily as humans can? It may seem as though your pets’ fur would provide enough protection from the sun’s…

  • Jul 02 2014

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    The Cat Contagion

    What is feline leukemia virus? Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a very common infection among cats which impairs the cat’s immune system and causes certain types of cancer. The virus…

  • Jun 25 2014

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    Reunited, and It Feels So Good!

    Having a pet run away is an experience that many of us have gone through at least once in our lives. For children it can be especially traumatic, and is…

  • Jun 18 2014

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    Wash Your Paws and Cover Your Muzzle!

    What is kennel cough? Kennel cough is an infectious bronchitis which is transmitted through the air, and is most susceptible to dogs which are stressed, overly exposed to dust and…

  • Jun 04 2014

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    You Can’t Give an Old Dog New Hips!

    What is Hip Dysplasia? Canine hip dysplasia is a condition that all current and future owners of large breed dogs should be aware of. The term ‘dysplasia’ simply means ‘abnormal…